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  1. Cigarettes After Sex
    Cigarettes After Sex

  2. Mac DeMarco(馬克 迪馬哥 )
    This Old Dog

  3. Sleep Party People (夢遊派對人)
    Lingering (縈繞)

  4. 脆弱少女組 FragileGirls

  5. 雀斑 Freckles
    不標準情人 Imperfect Lover

  6. 美秀集團
    Sound Check

  7. Cigarettes After Sex
    Cigarettes After Sex (Ltd. Grey Vinyl)

  8. Cigarettes After Sex

  9. Deca joins

  10. Do Make Say Think
    Stubborn Persistent Illusions

  11. Mac DeMarco(馬克 迪馬哥 )
    This Old Dog (Special Edition)

  12. 盤古

  13. Slowdive

  14. 滅火器
    衝啦! (經典重發)

  15. 阿飛西雅 APHASIA
    提去買藥仔 Take it, You Need Medicine

  16. 川秋沙(Goosander)
    人造沙洲 (Artificial Shoal)

  17. Mac DeMarco(馬克 迪馬哥 )
    Salad Days (沙拉時光)

  18. Sleep Party People (夢遊派對人)
    Lingering (Ltd. pink inside clear vinyl)

  19. 午夜乒乓

  20. Iwamura Ryuta 岩村竜太
    Reading to Hear (閱讀聆聽)




年份 2015
藝人 Swans
專輯   White Light from the Mouth of Infinity / Love of Life (CD)
廠牌   Mute
樂風   Avant-Rock, Experimental, Folk, Post-Rock

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1991年, 優雅的Swans。

被視為進入下一個階段變化的《White Light From the Mouth of Infinity》宣告天鵝粉,Swans脫離大聲、憤怒的曾經,以更細膩的樣貌展示在眾人前。

除了如”Love Will Save You“、”Failure“的暗魅迷人,竟也出現如”Song for the Sun“輕快的曲子。有著優美的旋律卻仍存在著一定程度的神秘與黑暗,Swans的羽翼是飽滿雪白美麗卻鋒利的,正如封面的兔子拿著胡蘿蔔匕首,衝突的對映。

1992年,碰撞的 Swans。

音樂所要傳達與包含的東西因人而異,而對於SWANS在1992年發行的《Love of Life》來說,音樂除了抒發及敘述,談論不同的視野和世界的現象的意味似乎更濃一些。

而在《Love of Life》專輯中,除了木吉他的比例變重,也能聽到斑鳩琴、甚至揚琴的出現,除此之外,也提出了對於國家、金錢、權利等等的看法,也在歌曲中加入了一些說話的段落,採用不同的元素碰撞,使得SWANS的作品越發多元。


White Light from the Mouth of Infinity, Swans’ seventh studio album originally released in 1991, is considered the starting point for the second section of Swans’ inimitable history. Described as “…the glistening, glimmering sounds of the pensive countryside” by Stereogum, this will be the first time White Light from the Mouth of Infinity has been available on vinyl since its original release on Young God Records in 1991. The vinyl issue will include the track ‘Blind’, not included in the original release.

Love of Life, the band’s eighth studio album, followed soon after in 1992. According to Allmusic’s Ned Ragget, “Love of Life continues the astounding creative roll Swans found themselves on … yet another Swans masterpiece." The vinyl version of this album has also been unavailable since its original release.


CD box set

CD 1
1 Better Than You
2 Power and Sacrifice
3 You Know Nothing
4 Song for Dead Time
5 Will We Survive
6 Love Will Save You
7 Faliure
8 Song for the Sun
9 Miracle of Love
10 Blind
11 When She Breathes
12 Why Are We Alive
13 The Most Unfortunate Lie

CD 2
1 (---) Pt. 1
2 Love of Life
3 The Golden Boy That Was Swallowed by the Sea
4 (---) Pt. 2
5 (---) Pt. 3
6 The Other Side of the World
7 Her
8 The Sound of Freedom
9 (---) Pt. 4
10 Amnesia
11 Identity
12 (---) Pt. 5
13 In the Eyes of Nature
14 She Cries (For Spider)
15 God Loves America
16 (---) Pt. 6
17 No Cure for the Lonely

CD 3
1 Amnesia (Long)
2 Song for Dead Time (MG Version)
3 You Know Everything
4 Mother’s Milk
5 The Child’s Right
6 Love of Life (Short)
7 Unfortunate Lie (Inst. Version)
8 No Cruel Angel
9 Black Eyed Dog
10 Love of Life (Long)
11 Picture of Maryanne
12 Amnesia (Live)
13 Dream Dream
14 Please Remember Me
15 Drink to Me Only With Thine Eyes
16 The Unknown
17 Blood on Your Hands
18 A Young Girl Needs

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