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    Cigarettes After Sex

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  7. Cigarettes After Sex
    Cigarettes After Sex (Ltd. Grey Vinyl)

  8. Cigarettes After Sex

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  11. Mac DeMarco(馬克 迪馬哥 )
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  17. Mac DeMarco(馬克 迪馬哥 )
    Salad Days (沙拉時光)

  18. Sleep Party People (夢遊派對人)
    Lingering (Ltd. pink inside clear vinyl)

  19. 午夜乒乓

  20. Iwamura Ryuta 岩村竜太
    Reading to Hear (閱讀聆聽)




年份 2007
藝人 Destroyalldreamers
專輯   Glare / Halo (LP 12")
廠牌   Where Are My Records
樂風   Ambient, Post-Rock, Shoegaze

599 目前無存貨!

Tonevendor/Claire Echo s:

Destroyalldreamers captivated us to no end with their gorgeous debut album in 2004 (the year s best shoegaze record, hands-down!) We were ecstatic to have them record a special limited record just for us, and we are quite excited to present it to you. LIMITED to 100 red vinyl copies, and 200 black vinyl copies, all pressed on heavy audiophile-quality 180-gram virgin vinyl. Housed in a gorgeous die-cut jacket in the Claire s Echo series by Aaron Winters, with a slip-in full color heavy card cover image, backed with a beautiful close-up shot of a guitar in b&w.

Destroyalldreamers does destroy indeed, with their beautiful and intense sonic landscapes. The instrumental outfit from Montreal keeps you on the edge of your seat as they weave through tapestries of billowing, effected guitars to create massive layers of beauty and noise. Fans of Slowdive, Explosions in the Sky, Paik, etc. definitely fall in love with Destroyalldreamers the moment they hear them. The EP is kicked off with the incredible "Her Brother Played the Riot" - a monumental side-long track eclipsing 20 minutes that had to broken into 3-parts on the forthcoming album. Here it appears on vinyl exclusively. On the flip, we are treated to three shorter but equally powerful tracks: Dead on Arrival (100% exclusive to this release), A Summer Without You (another taster from the forthcoming album on WAMR), and A La Guerre Comme A La Mer (another 100% exclusive track that will not appear elsewhere).


Glare/Halo is a 2006 EP by the Montreal-based instrumental shoegaze band Destroyalldreamers, released on Clairecord s affiliated project Claire s Echo and distributed by Tonevendor. It was released as a limited edition 12-inch vinyl record, with only 300 copies available. The recording and post-production phases were completed in the first half of 2006, making the album available to pre-order in June 2006,[2] although it was not released officially until March 2007.

The album contains the two exclusive[3] tracks "Dead on Arrival" and "À la Guerre Comme à la Mer", as well as two compositions that later appeared on their second LP Wish I Was All Flames. The album opening track, "Her Brother Played the Riot", occupying almost half of the EP with its play time of close to 16 minutes, was separated into three parts for the LP.

1. "Her Brother Played the Riot" 15:59
2. "Dead on Arrival" 6:22
3. "A Summer Without You" 4:14
4. "À la Guerre Comme À la Mer" 6:26
released March 1, 2007

Eric Quach - guitar
Mathieu Grisé - guitar
Michèle Martin - bass guitar
Shaun Doré - drums, mixing assistant

Shane Whitbread - recording
Martin Valence - recording
Eric Quach - mixing, artwork, photography
Harris Newman - mastering
Abide Visuals - artwork design

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FAX:02-2369 7925
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