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  1. 美秀集團
    Sound Check

  2. Cigarettes After Sex

  3. 落日飛車 Sunset Rollercoaster
    芭莎諾娃 Bossa Nova

  4. Sleep Party People (夢遊派對人)
    Floating (懸浮)

  5. Homeshake
    Fresh Air

  6. Deca joins

  7. 雀斑 Freckles
    不標準情人 Imperfect Lover

  8. 巴奈

  9. Grandaddy
    Last Place

  10. Frande 法蘭黛樂團

  11. 盤古

  12. 聲子蟲

  13. 川秋沙(Goosander)
    人造沙洲 (Artificial Shoal)

  14. 阿飛西雅 APHASIA
    提去買藥仔 Take it, You Need Medicine

  15. DYGL
    Say Goodbye to Memory Den

  16. 滅火器
    衝啦! (經典重發)

  17. DSPS
    我會不會又睡到下午了 Sleep till Afternoon

  18. 阿飛西雅 APHASIA

  19. 透明雜誌

  20. Cigarettes After Sex
    I. (12




年份 2011
藝人 Deardarkhead
專輯   Oceanside 1991-1993 (CD)
廠牌   Captured Tracks
樂風   Alternative, Dream Pop, Indie, Post-Punk, Shoegaze

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One of the inaugural releases in Captured Tracks Shoegaze Archives series, Oceanside: 1991-1993 captures cult favorite dream poppers Deardarkhead at a pivotal point in their history. Compiling 1991 s Spiral Down and Vibrate, 1992 s Melt Away Too Soon, and 1993s Ultraviolet EPs, the collection traces the New Jersey band s growth from moody post-punk worshipers to lush shoegazers. Early tracks such as “One of a Kind” have a near-goth intensity that is reflected in many of Captured Tracks contemporary signings, and Michael Amper s vocals hover somewhere in between Ian Curtis and Morrissey. Melt Away Too Soon selections like “Surf s Up” and “Enough” find the band truly edging into shoegaze territory with pedal-stomping layers of guitars and Amper s hazier singing style, which recalls My Bloody Valentine s Kevin Shields. Several of the collection s highlights come from Ultraviolet s songs, which find Deardarkhead coming into their own on all fronts: “Rollercoaster” is probably the poppiest song here, and a fine example of the band s more focused songwriting; “Invisible” features Amper s best vocal turn; and “Strobelight s whisper-to-a-roar dynamics and pulsing guitars show the group at the peak of its powers. Not only is Oceanside: 1991-1993 a nice tribute to one of shoegaze s lesser-known but worthy acts, it s also a fascinating document of how a band can grow into its sound and abilities.

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